why have a podcast

Do you have a business? Do you have a hobby? Are you a musician? How about a non-profit? Maybe you just have an opinion that needs to be heard. The possibilities are limitless. Express yourself — your opinion, your voice, your creativity, your thoughts, your music, or anything else you create! It's very rewarding and fun to share something you create, cultivate a community around your passion, and see people enjoy or benefit from it.

Create your own talk show. Promote your product or service. What are you passionate about? Would you like to be recognized as the authority in your industry? Build your list of customers or a fan base. You no longer have to be a radio personality or someone famous to deliver your story to the masses.

Don't hold back! If you're a business — and you've got the chops — podcasting brands you quicker and more effectively than any other marketing tool. Whereas anyone can design a slick website or employ a graphic designer — so that on the surface they look professional — a podcast "separates the boys from the men." If you don't know what you're talking about, it will be obvious. The good news  — this works the other way, too — for those that have paid their dues and truly are experts in their field, let the world hear you! No need to hide behind anything! You know your stuff. Having your own podcast — people will quickly know that you do!

why have a podcast 2

Whether for fun, to make money, or marketing a brand — podcasting allows you to easily and cost-effectively reach a focused and loyal audience. Quickly brand yourself as the authority or celebrity in your niche. You will become the recognized expert in your field and build a relationship with your audience. If you're a business, not only will having your own podcast increase your profit through powerful and modern marketing, it may become a direct revenue stream in itself. Grow your audience, and it's not only viable, but likely that you'll get sponsors and advertisers to cover your costs — or even make a profit from the podcast itself.

Hundreds of new podcasts are being released every day all over the internet on every subject you could imagine — and even subjects you'd never imagine! However, as popular and powerful as podcasts are, things are just getting started. Podcasting is still in its infancy.